Steps to learning for new monkeys:  resources
nuts and bolts
  1. Create handcharts for as much ES data as you can (at least a year).
  2. Choose a trend rule and mark the trends on the handcharts.
  3. Learn to identify dot1 and dot2 waves on the handchart.

-trend_analysis article

trade basics
  1. Learn the entry windows for the dot1 and dot2 trades on the 3m chart.
  2. Learn risk-control strategies.
-risk management
  1. Log many dot1's and dot2's and derive stats for % success at various targets.
  2. Experiment with backtests of various entry triggers to learn how they work and the effects of different stops & targets.
  3. Learn the principles of campaigning.
  4. Experiment with a random campaign generator to get an idea of the normal variation of possible campaign results.
  5. Write out your trading plan.
  1. Learn to take the dot1 and dot2 base-trades realtime, keeping separate logs for longs and shorts.
  2. Learn to take auxiliary trades after a successful base-trade.
  3. Learn to play with size within the campaign.
  4. Work on perfecting execution skills and improving results.